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​​​Homuork designs e-learning experiences for companies and universities. Based on the MOOC pedagogical model, we turn your corporate and educative knowledge into engaging video pills and we distribute the online courses through our e-learning platform.

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#Blog - Social transformation

15 ideas to promote diversity in your organization

Diversity at the workplace is one of the top priorities of most big companies. There are many studies showing that diversity acts as a boost in areas like talent attraction, innovation, and customer orientation. The problem, though, is how to implement effective programs to promote it. According to a McKinsey report, 70% of companies with strategies on diversity promotion[...]

#Blog - e-Learning and e-Ducation

What is eLearning, and why should it be fostered in your company?

If you work in sectors such as H&R or Training, it is very likely that you’ve heard people talking about eLearning. Even though this concept started taking shape during the 70’s with the creation of the e-mail and the newsgroups, it became popular along with the development of the Internet since 1994. During these years, and thanks to the MOOC’s success, eLearning[...]

5 statistics about women’s discrimination in companies

We are about to start the first edition of the MOOC “Women & Leadership”, the first free online course about discrimination and feminine empowerment in which there are currently over 400 enrolled students. Is an e-learning program of the sort really necessary? In this entry we are going to have a look at different situations of discrimination towards women at work that[...]