Aliexpress University

The e-commerce giant entrusts Homuork to digitalize its training programs for the over 6000 sellers it has in Spain.

Since its foundation at the beginning of past decade, the Chinese company Aliexpress has become an e-commerce role-model worldwide. Market leader in countries like Russia, it is the second most used purchasing app in Spain with over 40 million visits per month. In its bet on innovation and the development of its “sellers”, the company chose Homuork to digitalize its training program.

Aliexpress University is the name of an initiative that aims at helping and providing information for the hundreds of people and companies who use the Aliexpress marketplace to sell their products. Given the volume of its services and the tools it provides for the sellers, at Aliexpress Spain they decided to take a step beyond the traditional “help center” in written format. Here is how.

Video Training and Microlearning

After analyzing the topics that its more than 6000 Spanish sellers were most interested in, Aliexpress Spain established the points that should be developed at the new Aliexpress University, namely, how to improve one’s positioning within the web, the performance of promotions and campaigns, the creation of products or how to process orders.

At Homuork, we accepted the challenge and envisaged the production of a series of 3-to-6-minute-long videos answering these questions in a nimble and educational fashion. The result are 26 videos that combine animation, images extracted from the marketplace and voiceovers, while respecting the colorful corporate visual identity of this giant of online sales.

These videos can be watched in its Youtube Channel as well as in the “help” sections of its website, accumulating plays and facilitating useful information right when it is needed. The first results were so positive that the contents are currently being translated for their use in countries like Italy. Here’s an example:


Towards new audiences in Udemy

Once the first phase of the project was finalized, at Homuork we started looking for new ways of spreading the contents. With the training of sellers secured, the objective now was to attract new vendors through the videos.

With that purpose in mind, we created the video course “How to sell on Aliexpress from Spain and Italy”. This training of about 30 minutes includes the essential knowledge for those willing to start selling on the platform.

It is distributed through the popular website for online courses Udemy, and more than 400 people have already signed up as of today.

curso Aliexpress Udemy

Mentors Network and training on Homuork’s LMS

Within its structure, Aliexpress has an initiative of special interest for the company when it comes to attracting new sellers: The Mentors Network. These partners must have top-tier training and be up to date with all the novelties of the platform.

For them, we designed an online course consisting of 5 thematic sections, after each of which a small exam must be taken.  With the objective of ensuring an attractive and multi-device learning experience, all the contents are offered through Homuork’s LMS.

Once the training is completed, Mentors receive a customized certification that they can publish on their different profiles as proof of the acquired knowledge.



Aliexpress University