Basic Finance for non-finance professionals – Constantia Flexibles

Basic Finance for non-finance professionals – Constantia Flexibles
Constantia flexibles - Finanzas para no financieros

At Homuork we believe that talent is at the core of any successful company, this is why we are committed to creating tailored courses that foster its full development. Why working with us? – our clients have the answer: “Homuork teams are not only experts in digital technology, but also at assessing learning methodologies!”, stated Marisa Humada, HR Manager of Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH. 

The challenge of Constantia Flexibles was to bring finance closer to its teams. Guided by Julia Hoscheck, one of the financial specialists of the company, we created the private MOOC “Basic Finance for non-finance professionals”. 

The aim of the course was to break down the barriers that make finance seem a complex and distant subject. In other words, helping all departments to have a clearer idea of how their work translates into economic value. As one of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers, Constantia Flexibles supplies its products to numerous multinational corporations and local market leaders in the food, pet food and pharmaceutical industries. 

The course consisted in a flexible and adaptable learning experience divided into 18 video pills, 9 readings and 5 quizzes and exercises. It took us 4 months to develop it and in its first edition, it has reached more than 300 people.  

Towards a digital transformation
The HR Department led this digital transformation project, betting on a new eLearning model based on the MOOC format. And the result is a success! After the experience, “digital learning became part of the Constantia Flexibles culture”, as Marisa Humada expressed. The two most important elements for this success have been: customization and teamwork.  

Also, the course was very well received by the staff, including technicians from different areas and business thinkers. According to the HR Manager Jasmin Grüstäudl, “everybody liked it very much! The course became a powerful tool to decode all financial language and to understand economic concepts.” 

At Homuork, we are now starting another brand new course on “Transversal Competences” in collaboration with Constantia Flexibles. If you are interested in any of these topics, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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