BBVA with your company

The entity has enriched its catalogue for SME’s with a training program developed by Homuork.

In recent years, meeting the needs of SME’s has been one of the strategic pillars of the BBVA, and training is one of the most valued and consolidated services for this kind of businesses. In 2016, the entity decided to give a little twist to the learning contents for their clients, by adding value, updating contents and by digitalizing their format. A project perfectly suited for Homuork’s working methodology.

In this case, the training project aimed to provide SME’s with the necessary tools to tackle the digital transformation with guarantees, so a program was structured through 5 courses: Innovation, Digital Marketing, Tools to Set Up a Digital Business, Social Networks, and Leadership. The training would combine the formative online experience with in-person sessions in the most renowned Spanish business schools like ESADE, IE Business School, Deusto, San Telmo National Institute and ESIC.

Guided by specialists

The preparation process and the design of the learning contents was based on Homuork’s methodology applied in all of its MOOC’s. Namely, counting on the collaboration of specialists for each of the subjects at hand in order to proceed with the knowledge-transfer, to then transforming their wisdom into digital contents of high value for the students. In this case, at Homuork we had experience in developing online courses on similar topics, so we combined the updating of the contents with the business schools’ masterclasses in order to find new approaches and possibilities for the video pills.

As a result, the project is a compound of 45 videos distributed in 5 different courses, in which we combined the video pills of our tutors and the recordings of the in-person masterclasses with which we were able to offer the highlights and the most innovative exercises to all BBVA’s clients who could not attend.

Training for over 150.000 SME’s

The digitalisation of BBVA’s Training for SME’s will be launched before the end of 2017 and the entity itself will be distributing the courses to its more than 15.000 SME clients. For the responsible for the SME area at the BBVA, Laura Ortego: “launching a first grand online initiative like the one we have prepared with Homuork is an opportunity to offer valuable products and first-class online training to our clients and to Spanish SME’s”.