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The Team.

We are a young, ambitious and creative company devoted to improving e-learning for companies around the world. All members of our team are here because they are talented people, but above all because they dare, think, learn and love what they do.
Alexandra Maratchi

Alexandra Maratchi


Alexandra Maratchi.

Alexandra Maratchi (Co-founder & CEO) was born and raised in Barcelona, but as soon as she could she started traveling and working all around Europe in marketing and sales in many major multinational companies. She’s a proud alumni of the Barcelonian Business School ESADE and holds a CEMS Master from HEC Paris. When she’s not thinking about how to further develop Homuork (which hardly happens), you’ll find her jogging or attending concerts, especially if Jamie Cullum is playing. She’s crazy good at imitating voices and accents.

Xavier Orri

Xavier Orri Badia

Co-founder & COO

Xavier Orri Badia.

Xavier Orri (Co-founder & COO) also grew up in Barcelona, a city he loves quitting from time to time only so that he can come back and enjoy it again. He holds a degree in Politics, one of his major vices; and a degree in Journalism that led him to Paris as a news correspondent for many years. He’s the creative mind of the team, a design obsessive who enjoys using words, forms and colors to affect and improve user’s experience in any field. If he’s not in front of his Mac, you’ll find him cooking with friends or reading some boring article.

Gerard Artes

Gerard Artés

Co-fundador & CTO

Gerard Artés.

Gerard Artés (Co-founder & CTO) is the senior of the team, a serial entrepreneur who runs the technological destinies of Homuork. He can create anything we dream of. He began his programming career 10 years ago, founding his own software company – still running and backing up most of Homuork’s major challenges. Besides being extremely reactive and talented – and patient as can be – he allows Homuork to address its customers’ technological needs, at any time. When he’s not busy, he’ll be home playing with his daughter while the phone rings.

Carla Temprano

Carla Temprano

Cuquimaker & FX master

Carla Temprano.

Carla Temprano (Producer) is the barcelonian member of the Media Team. She can edit videos or bake cakes with equally outstanding talent. Almost every single picture of sweets you may find in our social media is of her making. She graduated in Audiovisual Communication (UPC) and she is the geek of our gang. At meetings, her ideas usually require a second explanation for nobody really understands what she refers to… but hey, give her a new app and a couple of undisturbed hours and she’ll work out some magic.

Angela G Espejo

Ángela Espejo

Viral videos hunter & photoshop magician

Ángela Espejo.

Ángela Espejo (Producer) is from Almería. She came to Homuork to be in charge of video editing but on her first day she made the mistake of showing off her writing talents. In her downtime, you’ll find her listening to music, watching a TV series or getting her creative kicks from photography and illustration. At the weekends she works in the wedding department of the BBC (weddings, baptisms and communions) and in 10 years’ time she sees herself filming her own music videos.

foto maria web

Maria Bea

Documentalist & Pigeon savior

Maria Bea.

Maria Bea (Producer) has earned the title of “Homuork’s official strory-teller”. Her tales about rescues of pigeons with suicidal tendencies and other situations of extreme survival in remote corners of the world have strongly engaged her audience. She started studying photography, but she realized soon enough that picture in motion was her thing. She co-directed her fist documentary and hopes it won’t be the last. At Homuork, she is in charge of editing the videos.

Alba Agulló

Alba Agulló

Project Manager

Alba Agulló.

Alba Agulló (Project Manager), lives with the Homuork’s project map installed in her brain. If we played a company’s trivia, she would most certainly win. Her work consists in playing all the keys of the board: she knows with which clients we work, which courses are being run and which ones are yet to come, and she makes sure that everything goes smoothly as planned. When she needs to disconnect, she finds refuge in her well-cared-for garden.

Bea foto web

Bea Solivellas


Bea Solivellas.

Bea Solivellas (Scriptwriter) switched her dear hometown Mallorca for Barcelona to write, and we know in good faith that she is succeeding. Ever since she joined Homuork, she lives buried in a mountain of scripts of which she steadily takes care without losing her smile. She is so addicted to drumming on the keyboard that she still finds time to write her own stories.

foto sofia

Sofía Prats

eLearning Content Developer

Sofía Prats.

Sofía Prats (eLearning Content Developer) is the expert of our courses’ platform. She lives in an alphabet soup from which the acronyms LMS, SCROM and MOOC are recurrently formed. When in her recreational time, you may find her reading sci-fi books or the ancient Greeks, and she resorts to drawing to unleash to her artistic side.

Ana Calzada

Ana Calzada

Learning Designer & Project Manager

Ana Calzada.

Ana Calzada (Learning Designer & Project Manager) was born in Tarragona, grew up in Salamanca and has lived in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and London. With a degree in Journalism and an intrepid spirit she is a professional multitasker. She is trained in areas such as creative literature, political science and web design. Has worked in various fields related to training, consulting and digital transformation. At Homuork she is responsible for the management, design and structure for learning projects.

foto bárbara web

Rafael Riera

Commercial Director

Rafael Riera.

Rafael Riera (Commercial Director) defines himself as a positive, curious person who loves new challenges. He is the official consultant at Homuork, supporting organizations in their processes of digitization and implementation of their e-learning programs. Whenever he has the chance, he enjoys traveling and being in contact with nature.

Kelly J. Ford Díaz

Kelly J. Ford

Instructional Designer & Sales Executive

Kelly J. Ford.

Kelly (Instructional Designer & Sales Executive) was planning to be a vet specializing in exotic animals, but along the way she came across the irresistible city of Salamanca, where she studied Translation and Interpreting, shortly afterwards winning a scholarship to study an MBA at ICEX. Her international vocation, along with her love of adventure, led her to work for a year in Mumbai. At homuork she splits her responsibilities between the production side, designing educational curricula for our courses, and business development.

foto pumba web


HR Manager


Pumba (HR Manager) is our responsible for hiring. He decides who joins the Homuork family thanks to his talent-detecting nose. Apart from his recruitment abilities, he stands out for being a great motivator: For him it's enough to come jumping through the door to brighten up our day.

About Homuork: "I like what they do and how they do it. Not only they are experts in technological solutions, but also at gauging learning methodologies​".

Marisa Humada

Vice President of Human Resources at Constantia Flexibles​

Join the homuork Team.

If you’ve come this far it’s possible that you are looking for a new working adventure or a place in which to start off. At Homuork we’re always open to collaborate with creative, curious and aware people who are willing to develop their talent. These are the profiles we are currently looking for.

Project Manager.

Responsible for the management of projects. Communication and audiovisual skills are key to this position, along with self-drive, autonomy and versatility.


Technological development is crucial for us and our team of programmers hasn't stopped growing. If you're young, creative and talented, you are likely to be the right candidate.


Our sales team is in constant growth and we are searching for autonomous and motivated people who are willing to extend the Homuork’s commercial network.

Video Editor.

We are always on the lookout for creative, innovative and passionate video editors. If you like design, audio-visuals and education, this is your place.