Digital Marketing fundamentals

SEO. CRM. SEM… If these acronyms are beyond your understanding, this MOOC for companies is for you. In the past years, digital marketing has risen as the main tool for business growth and exposure. In only 5 weeks, this online course on Digital Marketing for Brand Managers will provide the tools to transfer the talent of your company from the offline to the online marketing, and to lead the digital transformation in your organisation.

In this online course for companies - designed by Digital Consultants of companies such as Google or Criteo, Mégane Dreyfuss is going to give you the key elements to conceive and implement effective digital strategies. 

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

Through an appealing and guided multi-platform e-learning experience, your brand managers will get ready to lead their teams towards strategies aiming to optimize usability and investment. Throughout the 4 modules of the course, they will become familiar with concepts such as retargeting, they will get to know real exemplary digital marketing campaigns, and will master social network management. 

Contents found in this MOOC on Digital Marketing:

  • Increasing your visibility on big platforms

  • Understanding the dynamics of Social Networks

  • Insightful planning to carry out successful digital campaigns

  • Using the right metrics to measure your achievements

  • 24 videolectures
  • English 
  • Professor tutorisation
  • Mobile, tablet & PC
  • Certificate on LinkedIn
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Megane Dreyfuss

Megane Dreyfuss
Mégane Dreyfuss holds a Degree in International Business from Marshall University and a Masters in Digital Marketing from ESDES Lyon Business School. She has worked as a key account manager at... Extended bio

  • Module 1. Choose your battle fields for a successful online marketing strat
    • Marketing is Digital or isn't
    • Search process performance
    • Display rich media
    • Retargeting
  • Module 2. Choose your weapons & start to speak with your customers
    • Understanding Social Media Marketing
    • Let's zoom in on Facebook
    • Let's zoom in on Twitter
    • Let's zoom in on Linkedin
    • Email Marketing
  • Module 3. Define your strategy and choose your message
    • Planning for success
    • Planning for success: Levi's case study
    • Set your goal
    • Timedrame for ROI
    • Draft your first online ad
  • Module 4. Measure success
    • Measure success
    • Identify target segments to focus on
    • Choose and use a good Analytics platform
    • Attribution models: Why is this important?
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