Digitalization of the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for HEC Paris

The prestigious business school entrusted Homuork with the digitalization of its online business program.

Voted the best European business school in 2020 by the Financial Times, HEC Paris partnered with Coursera to launch its MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship online. This world-class course is targeted to the business leaders of the future, as it prepares them to drive business development, promote product innovation, and embark on new projects.

The digitalization of this prestigious program was entrusted to Homuork as the first European partner of the popular MOOC platform. In this case study, we review the content of the MSc and key aspects of its transition to an online format.


What is the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

The MSc (Master of Science) in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an eighteen-month program consisting of two distinct parts.

The first part includes what are regarded as the program’s 10 fundamental courses. These courses provide learners with the skills to scale a company, boost their creativity, manage the launch of new products, and establish business strategies in specific contexts, among other challenges.

The second part consists of ten project-based courses. Their purpose is to help learners transform their ideas into business realities and culminates in the development of a business pitch. This second part includes a group project, as well as trainings on negotiation, scaling up operations, finance, and the development of customer-centric strategies, among other topics.

Content digitalization by Homuork

This project came to us thanks to our partnership with Coursera. The final educational experience had to be:

  • Online: The same kinds of courses that were taught on campus, with the added flexibility of being able to learn anytime, anywhere
  • Interactive: Featuring collaborations with a global network of learners, teachers and alumni
  • Engaging: Innovative courses with some of the best teachers in the world and hands-on projects
  • Applicable to the workplace: Practical courses designed to develop skills that can be applied in the workplace

To digitalize the program, part of the Homuork team travelled to Paris, where the content was recorded together with Sebastian Becker, an associate professor at the school.

The end product—more than fifty video capsules—has met the expectations of HEC Paris and been viewed by hundreds of learners, who have since completed the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.



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