Digitization of UPF-BSM’s university programmes

The Barcelona School of Management was looking for a partner to produce the audio-visual content used every year to teach around 1,500 students.
UPF Barcelona School Management

Driving innovation and social transformation are two of the hallmarks of the Barcelona School of Management (BSM), the Masters and postgraduate school of Pompeu Fabra University, one of the leading universities in Spain and listed in the top international rankings. 

In their commitment to digitization, the BSM management team are always testing the new educational possibilities offered by technology. At the beginning of the last decade, for example, the constant increase in the bandwidth of internet connections and the emergence of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) led them to commit decisively to audio-visual teaching in their different online programmes, both blended and in-person.

The choice of homuork as a partner

What started as a pilot in-house experiment soon exceeded the capacity of the school’s own audio-visual equipment. As Sònia Sánchez Canut, Head of Teaching Innovation at the BSM, points out, it was in 2016 that they decided to look for a stable partner that would provide them with flexibility, a customized approach, and a rapid response to their needs. 

The chosen company would also need to have experience in the world of education. This would be essential throughout the production process, and particularly in post-production. During this stage, the videos had to be enriched to facilitate the students’ learning experience, given that most of them had full-time jobs and little free time for training.

Audio-visual excellence: beyond the figures

In recent years we have produced more than four hundred videos for the Barcelona School of Management’s programmes which are followed by around 1,500 students. In addition to simple pieces with a camera and a teacher, we have produced more complex recordings in auditoriums, teasers, and explanatory videos as guides.

“The content of a quality online Master’s degree calls for a long and complex production process, with different phases of scriptwriting, spelling correction, recording and translation,” notes the Head of Teaching Innovation. To coordinate all these efforts within the team, we assigned a Project Manager who acts as a single point of contact with the BSM. 

Meanwhile, in order to guarantee the uniformity of content in accordance with the standard of excellence pursued by the BSM, we developed an audio-visual and educational identity. You can see an example of this graphic line in the following video: 

The availability of our own set and a team of professionals with extensive experience in this type of recording meant that the Barcelona School of Management took delivery of the new pieces within two to four weeks of sending their brief. “If any criteria change from one course to another, we update the videos. Our goal is continuous improvement,” explains Sònia Sánchez.

High satisfaction levels with both content and the response to COVID-19

When it comes to assessing the work, there are two interlocutors: the School’s students and those responsible for them. The former have always proved to be very satisfied with the teaching material, which is reflected in the high ratings in the surveys they complete. 

With regard to the latter, Sònia Sánchez praises homuork for “its combination of speed and craftsmanship”, and adds: “we knew you would respond rapidly to our requests and that your post-production would be fast, but never to the detriment of quality”. They also appreciate the fact that our experienced professionals review the recordings and make specific suggestions to optimize each piece. 

Finally, in the midst of expanding the School’s range of online content as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Head of Teaching Innovation voiced her appreciation of our response: “When we were unable to record, you produced voiceovers that could be adapted at a later date”, concluding: “You gave us feasible, straightforward and sustainable solutions.”


UPF Barcelona School of Management