Hectic backtoschool: we launch our own MOOCs to empower corporate trainings

La Vanguardia features an analysis of Homuork’s mission and brings the remodeling of online learning for companies to light, which new launches such as Homuorklab has brought forth

lanzamos nuestros propios MOOC para impulsar la formación empresarial
12/09/2016 · Alexandra Maratchi

This year could not have started better for us: after weeks working to launch our MOOC platform HomuorkLAB, which was officially opened on Wednesday, there is rising interest in our initial eight MOOC about digital transformationwellbeingand gender equality in the workplace

The media responded very positively to the news: we woke up this morning featuring on @lavanguardia, with an article written by Blanca Gispert putting forward how Homuork “is reshaping corporate trainings through innovative MOOCs". And that is exactly what we are aiming at: tackle high value topics and improve the static and old school e-learning models by promoting our own first class MOOC courses, which can also be customised to the needs of individual companies. 

HomuorkLAB is now live! We are confident there will be more news to come very soon. Discover our courses, sign up to the newsletter and let us know via our email if you are interested in any specific topic you do not find on the LAB: hello@homuorklab.com

Alexandra Maratchi

Alexandra Maratchi