Homuork and Esade launch their first online course on Family Business Management

By launching this course on Coursera, its creator and the business school renew their alliance

Homuork y Esade lanzan su primera formación online sobre Empresa Familiar
07/11/2016 · The Homuork Team

Last week, the ESADE Business School just launched the online courses catalogue Family Business: management, leadership and succession, a four-week programme in 3 modules in which students will learn the key elements for running a family business successfully. The course is an ESADE’s Family Business Lab initiative, in collaboration with Homuork, a company specialized in the design and the production of MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses, and will be available on the online education platform Coursera. “This course is addressed to all kinds of Family Businesses, from SME’s to big holdings, for their management is based on strategies and emotional implications that are unrelated to their size”, explains Alberto Gimeno, co-director of the ESADE’s Family Business Lab.

Family businesses are responsible for over 50% of the total global wealth, and have a main role in both labour creation and innovation processes. Their management has certain peculiarities regarding the roles of the different family members, the investment capital raising methods, or the working dynamics. 

Bet on the Mooc Format

With the launch of the Programme on Family Business, ESADE and HOMUORK renew their collaboration, that started two years ago with products like the course “Geopolitics and global governance: risks and opportunities”, directed by the ESADEgeo’s president, Javier Solana, and with over 11.000 students that rated it with a 4,8/5 score on Coursera. After this first successful experience, ESADE is keeping its bet on this open learning format, for its attractive design, its interactivity and its capacity to reach out to all kinds of profiles interested in its contents.

This new course is a new step in the strategy started by Coursera, aiming to triplicate its Spanish online courses offer, and to widen the access to programs for the Spanish-speaking community. “The Latin-American market is a priority for Coursera, and counting on consolidated players like Homuork’s MOOC is opening many doors for us”, says Coursera’s Head of Iberoamerica Partnership, Giovanni Dubois. 


The Homuork Team