Profiles of social network users

Facebook is the more relavant social network, but also the first to peaking.

El perfil de los usuarios de las redes sociales
11/07/2016 · Xavier Orri Badia

The saying “One ring to rule them all" fits perfectly in literary trilogies, but it can’t be applied to the world of social networking. On each of the social networking sites the audience profile differs in terms of age, interests and likes, etc. Seeing as you probably want your digital strategy to reach a variety of profiles, you’re going to have to master more than just one tool, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to open accounts on all the social networks.

Facebook is without doubt the most popular social network. That being said, it is also the first one to reach it’s limit in terms of growth, while others such as Instagram register annual growth of up to 46% and attract the youngest demographic (between 16 and 24 year olds). Meanwhile, Twitter accumulates users with university degrees and on Linkedin it’s easier to get in contact with professionals, especially in the fields of finance, technology and medicine.

The facts and figures shown in the infograph break down how to identify which of the social networking sites could help you reach your target audience. Have a think about who you want to direct your messages to and then fine tune your strategy. 

Xavier Orri

Xavier Orri Badia

Co-founder & COO