Managing millennials and age diversity

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In 2025, people born between the 1980’s and the 2000’s will represent 75% of the world’s labour force. Many millennials are asking themselves the same question: what is a youngster like myself doing in a job like this? Most of these young fellows witness how their demands barely match with the existent labour offer, and have a hard time dealing with the emotional management of most organizations. In this MOOC for companies, we are going to provide the key elements to understand and empathize with the ambitions of millennials. Their profile - which offers social and technical talent lacking in most companies, is a blessing, but its management can present great challenges.

Grown among abundance and raised on post-modern values, what they expect from a job has little to do with what older generations used to. They want (much more) flexibility, they require to be listened, they need to know that they can thrive rapidly and that their ideas count, even if only to be refuted.

And yes, they are unfaithful by nature: one out of 5 millennials is to voluntarily switch jobs this year… triple the ratio of the rest of the labour force. The cost of this rotation is huge for their companies: only in the United States, this cost sums up around 30.000 million dollars per year. 

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

In this online course for companies we are going to help you understand the characteristics of this type of workers, which are their drivers and motivations, which style of management is more adequate to foster their loyalty, and how to actualize their maximum potential. We will also learn, through case studies and interviews, how to entice millennial talent and to apply strategies aiming to retain it in the company in the long run. 

Contents within this MOOC on Millennials Management:

  • Analysing the millennial generation: profiles and motivations

  • Valid leadership strategies for this generation

  • Talent detection and retention fomulas for millennials

  • Corporate culture in the millennial generation

  • Upcoming course
  • Professor tutorisation
  • Mobile, tablet & PC
  • Certificate on LinkedIn
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  • A generational label
    • Millennial, a sociological and historical definition
    • Generation Y: at the core of digital transformation
    • Serendipity, not compatibility 
    • Yes, they are bothered about leaving a better world behind them
  • Questioning the status quo. What they can offer companies?
    • Technological abilities
    • Social trends
    • Entrepreneurials spirit
    • Desire to be a part of the change
  • How can you recruit and manage them?
    • Manage millennials? It's better to lead them
    • Communication. Horizontal Hierarchies
    • Goal. 'Doing wel by doing good'
    • Performance. Maximize how you use their talents
  • There is no such thing as work/life balance. Life is everything
    • Ping-pong tables? The list doesn't end here
    • Collaborative work
    • Continued learning
    • Competitive compensation: salary is still the main incentive
  • Good practices
    • Inverse mentoring 
    • Showcase talent to attract more talent
    • Millennial corporate culture: the Google example 


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