Inclusive Diversity Danone

Homuork made the campaign 'Don't engage' to promote diversity in global Danone
diversity Danone campaign

The creation of inclusive environments is increasingly becoming one of the priorities in many companies’ Human Resources strategy. For Danone it is also one of their identifying pillars. In recent years, the company has developed a plan to involve its more than 100,000 employees throughout the world in initiatives and campaigns to foster and take advantage of the opportunities that come with being part of a plural organization. And Homuork has participated in one of the brand’s latest initiatives: the release of a provocative video. A call to action that has given new impetus to the program. 

The Power of the Message

‘Don’t engage’. Don’t get involved with diversity. It doesn’t generate business, it complicates things, it forces you to confront different perspectives… Why waste your time creating inclusive environments? It’s useless… Unless you value having the freedom to be yourself at work, opening up your mind to new visions and being a part of high-performance teams.

This was the message that we proposed at Homuork. A shocking and provocative call to action. A video that, within the first few seconds, captivates audiences with an intro that encourages people to do the opposite of what Danone’s campaign advocates. A stylistic device to strengthen the real claim.

Danone was convinced by the idea from the outset, which then streamlined the video’s casting and filming processes. The goal was to film a video clip that would put the company’s diversity on display and with which the employees could identify with. These were the reasons that led us to rule out the option of hiring professional actors and instead search for testimonials within the company. The result was the participation of 10 employees at the headquarters in France who were committed to the Inclusive Diversity project, and who added enthusiasm and credibility to the final production. 

A Viral Initiative

The result speaks for itself: this was one of the most successful initiatives of Danone’s Inclusive Diversity campaign. The video became one of the most highly discussed topics in the internal information channels during the week of its release and, in a few days, had accumulated hundreds of likes and shares, reaching almost 7% of the company’s worldwide staff in record time.

“The campaign has been a huge success and has brought up topics of conversation that, until now, had remained secondary. The next step will be to involve local teams in order to make the video an essential element of the ongoing debate surrounding diversity”, explains Danone’s Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion Change, Putri Realita.

Homuork will once again be a strategic partner for achieving this new goal.