Interview with Enrique Dans: the digital transformation of companies

Entrevista con Enrique Dans la transformación digital de las empresas
29/07/2016 · The Homuork Team

If there is one person in Spain who knows the ins and outs of the role of social networks in the digital transformation of companies and in the creation of professionals’ personal brands, it’s Enrique Dans. The professor in Information System at IE Business School was, as he himself explains, an “early adopter” of social networks. Perhaps thanks to this early entry and the value of his analyses, Dans is the person to turn to when we want to uncover trends and understand what’s moving and shaking in the world of social networks.

These videos pills are part of the interview that Dans gave to the team at Homuork as part of the content for our ‘Social networking in the workplace’ course. In the first installment of the conversation, the IE professor provides us with the keys to digital transformation in the workplace and the role of professional social networks as well as explaining his individual case.

In the next few days, we’ll post the second part of the interview. If you want to see the full content and discover the secrets to mastering social networks, take a look at our course ‘Social networking in the workplace’. 



The Homuork Team