Interview with María José Cachafeiro: personal brand and social networking strategy

The pharmaceutical field is an example of how proper use of social networks can widen your business options

Entrevista a María José Cachafeiro marca personal y estrategia en redes sociales
28/07/2016 · Xavier Orri Badia

A few weeks’ ago, we published the interview we did with digital strategy expert Enrique Dans, who provided us with some tips on how to tackle digital transformation in the workplace. The interview is just one small part of our course on ‘Social networking in the workplace, which also includes testimonials from influencers such as María José Cachafeiro, manager of the La Botica de Tete pharmacy, which has become every bit the benchmark in the sector thanks to her activity on social networks.   

In this interview, Cachafeiro explains how she has used her online activity to put her small pharmacy, located in a village in Asturias, on the map. “Social networks make it possible to interact with other professionals working in the health sector and other sectors - I can reach people who I would otherwise have no way of contacting”.  

Personal brand

Her testimonial offers us numerous hints as to how to build a personal brand, which has a lot to do with analysing your personal potential and the existing competition on the networks. “As a pharmacist I’m a specialist in health which, in theory, is something which interests everyone. We started very early on, in 2009, and it seems reasonable to draw the conclusion that people started to follow us because of our content."

On this course, we will explain how nowadays social networks are saturated with users: 1,350 million on Facebook, more than 400 million on Instagram, 320 million on Twitter…No one is waiting for us to open our account so we’ll voice our opinions! But that is just because we haven’t yet revealed our true value.  

Our personal brand is simply showing who we are, what we do and understanding how we are perceived. Once we identify the profile we want to position ourselves as, we’ll find hundreds, or even millions of users who are competing in this same field. And yet, there is still space for one more. How can we find our space? By following these six steps:

1. Define who you are
2. Determine your target audience
3. Create a network of contacts
4. Take care over the appearance of your social profiles
5. Get creative with your posts
6. Persevere

A different strategy for every social network

Another interesting point in Cachafeiro’s testimonial is creating a different strategy for each social network you are on. Her most personal profile is her Twitter profile, where she positions herself as a pharmacist and publishes a mix of personal and professional posts without sticking to an overly strict schedule. The immediate interaction that Twitter allows is also one of the keys to her success on this platform.  

On the other hand, her profile on Facebook is linked to her business and she uses it for interactions with patients. In this case, she does have an organized content schedule, publishing once or twice a week, often directly from her own blog.  

Last but not least, the pharmacist recognises that the industry social networks are a platform you can use to be in contact with other professionals in the sector, observe trends in the industry and collaborate on common projects.  

“In the last few years we have had pharmacists from outside Asturias coming to our events, which wouldn’t have been possible without our social network activity". Do you still need convincing of how social networks can have a great impact on the growth of your business? 

Xavier Orri

Xavier Orri Badia

Co-founder & COO