"We are aware, we are inclusive” for KPMG

With this motto in mind, Homuork has developed an extensive campaign to raise awareness on diversity and exclusion.

The global network for professional services KPMG integrates leading to set an example, promoting respect among people and acting in commitment with social issues among its core values. For this reason, its Spanish headquarters set itself the objective to raise awareness on diversity and inclusion among its ranks, generating friendly and communal environments that enable each of its collaborators to empower themselves.

Homuork was the company they chose to plan and execute their corporate social transformation 1-year strategy. In this case study, we summarize the analysis, communication and learning endeavors we are undertaking in order to raise awareness on inequality, and to show the urgency of inclusion to the professionals of this multinational brand.


We are aware, we are inclusive

As the starting point for this campaign that will be run until the end of 2020, we based ourselves on the three main principles that rule the impact generation of KPMG: 

  • We will inspire bold inclusion.
  • We will drive robust accountability. 
  • We will empower dynamic networks. 

Upon these pillars is to rest a full schedule of learning actions, communications and special events. That is why we chose to orchestrate an exhaustive analysis and conception plan for which we counted on the participation of multidisciplinary profiles of different fields of specialization and professional groundings.

The result was a core idea conceived to channel all messages in the upcoming 12 months in a homogeneous and consistent manner. This unifying layer was materialized into a visual identity present in all communications, crowned by a header and clear and straight-forward claim: We are aware, we are inclusive (Somos conscientes, incluimos).


Once the conceptual frame had been defined, we set a calendar of learning actions emphasizing on special dates related with diversity and inclusion. At Homuork we’ve come to realize that social change requires continuous effort and varied impacts, that is why this phase of the project was key to ensure its success.


Experiential Action on the International Day of Disabled Persons 

Disability tends to be looked at from a negative perspective, as if the persons who have it were incomplete. Even though that is absolutely false, it still reinforces biases that are ultimately translated into realities: 66% of disabled people remain inactive, making their social integration even more difficult.

That’s why on the 3rd of December of 2019 we performed an empathy experiential action at the KPMG premises, aiming at evincing that we all are different and that it is precisely in our differences that true richness lies.

On that day, all employees found an element of auditory, motor or visual deprivation in their workspace: sleeping masks, ear plugs, mittens… Also, they were given a guide on the empathy activity that would take place on that day. The objects were carefully chosen to make each person feel for themselves how the perception of reality and their interactions with the surroundings were altered, and which senses were awakened in each case.



For a few minutes, the employees experienced a situation of disability, realizing how it could affect their daily work and getting to understand better which difficulties some of the people we collaborate with can encounter. Afterwards, they discussed the experience with their colleagues and commented on matters such as which senses had been activated throughout the activity.

These group dynamics were completed with an e-learning training on diversity and inclusion with special emphasis on disabled persons. This way, each student was invited to rethink disability, understand discrimination and learn techniques to improve inclusiveness in the workplace.

Here’s a video summarizing the overall experience: