Mindfulness for Andalusia’s Regional Government

The ‘Mindfulness for Well-Being at Work’ MOOC was the starting point for designing a tailor-made course for the Andalusian government.
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At Homuork, we work with a double strategy: personalized courses on the one hand, and a catalog of our own courses on the other, which can be consulted online. Nevertheless, these two paths are intersecting. Our own courses are designed to be followed or adapted according to the needs of different companies. We followed this latest model with Andalusia’s Regional Government, which had the opportunity to train 500 of its employees with our course on Mindfulness, designed in collaboration with the esMindfulness Institute. 

During this first edition, a total of 259 students participated, who discovered how Mindfulness could give them the tools they needed to be fully present during their day-to-day actions, therefore improving the quality of both their professional and personal lives.

Record Participation

The course’s final results are the best example of how successful this experience was. In regards to participation, 85% of the students were active throughout the course, with an average of 2.75 interventions per person in the forum. An unusual level of interaction in a seven-week MOOC with a heavy workload.

Student satisfaction ratios were also extremely positive. Students rated the course with an average of 8/10 and 98.6% would recommend it. Regarding improvements, the tests taken before and after the MOOC showed that students had improved 13% in the abilities associated with Mindfulness, a much greater variation than that obtained through pharmacological treatment. These figures are undoubtedly a good omen for the second edition of the course. 

Custom Content

Using the ‘Mindfulness for Well-Being at Work’ MOOC as the starting point, the final goal was to create a course that was adapted to the Andalusian Government’s training needs and that was in line with the institution’s image. As a result, during the first sessions of joint work, a program emerged with a defined structure that would ultimately consist of 10 sessions to take place over seven weeks.

The training process had begun a few days earlier, upon delivering the Didactic Guide for the Mindfulness Course. It was the students’ first contact to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the course. Once in the MOOC, participants acquired mindfulness habits and techniques via video clips, training exercises and all kinds of informal practical exercises to then apply in their everyday lives. 


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