Mindfulness: the technique that enables us to be aware of the present moment

Reducing stress and anxiety levels and improving productivity are only a few of the most obvious benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness la técnica que te permitirá ser consciente del momento
28/07/2016 · The Homuork Team

Personal wellbeing is a priority in contemporary society. A healthy diet, daily exercise and leisure time are necessary to maintain balance. And in this current climate, mindfulness is making a mark in the field of health. As a definition, it's all about the ability to be present and practising it influences our personal wellbeing, our attention at work and our personal relationships.  

Mindulness is also known as consciousness or full attention.  To recap: be aware of what is going on in your mind, accept it and be curious about it to arrive at an appropriate answer. A mindfulness practitioner is able to respond to situations, instead of just reacting with auto pilot on.  

It will all seem a little less abstract if we look at an example:

Imagine that you're driving and, all of a sudden, a vehicle overtakes you, cutting you up. At this moment, you get nervous and annoyed and you beep your horn, you maybe even scream.  

If you use mindfulness in the same situation, you’ll be aware of how anger emerges, how your heart rate quickens and how your mind fills with angry thoughts. You notice your anger but are able to stop it and react in the most appropriate way. Is it right time to get annoyed? It makes more sense to stay attentive behind the wheel. You’ll drive better if you’re not angry.  

This technique also helps you to be more empathetic: it’s possible for you to understand that the car might have overtaken you because of an emergency.  

The ability to stop and respond is incredibly useful in daily situations. For example, in important meetings in which your nerves can turn against you.

The results of mindfulness are clear: it reduces anxiety and stress by 40% and helps you to develop trust and empathy. Also, it improves productivity due to increased attention and concentration.

Do you need evidence? Just take a look at the testimonials of Teresa and David:

If you want to find out more about Mindfulness, have a look at our Mooc and uncover the secrets of this technique.  


The Homuork Team