MOOC Geopolitics and Governance

Homuork and ESADE collaborated to create the first digitalisation experience of the business school’s contents.
MOOC Geopolítica

Working with one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world to promote online training among Spanish-speaking audiences. That was the challenge we faced when the ESADE Business School approached us to collaborate in the design and production of the MOOC “Geopolitcs and governance: risks and opportunities”. At Homuork we betted on MOOC’s as a strategic tool for massive distribution of high-quality education, so this was a great opportunity for us to count on first-class contents and an unmatched distribution network: the e-learning platform Coursera. We didn’t think twice.

The objective: creating an online course that would be enticing both in its format and its contents, yet capable of offering a precise and practical reflection on the current functioning of global relations; and making it available for the more than 15 million users of Coursera. Thus, Homuork became the link of the first collaboration between the business school and the learning tool. Just a first stage of a promisingly fruitful relationship.

Achieving enticing contents

The production of the “Geoplitics and Governance” syllabus was the first step taken by ESADE towards the digitalisation of its learning contents. At Homuork, we resorted to our know-how acquired after 3 years of experience in the sector, in order to design a course with contents both accessible and adapted to the audio-visual language that is required for the MOOC format.

For the knowledge-transfer process we counted on Homuork’s script-writers and a group of researchers of ESADEgeo: Ángel Sanz, Ángel Pascal-Ramsay and Marie Vandendriessche, under the guidance of its president Javier Solana. Those sessions were the seed that would germinate into 28 videos, the definition of the graphic line and the complementary materials, which would altogether compound a MOOC with all the features identifying a Homuork course: enticing, accessible and multi-platform.

An e-learning experience praised by the students

The results of this first collaboration between ESADE, Homuork and Coursera couldn’t have been better. After one year in operation, the online course had more than 11.000 enrolled students, achieving a 12% completion rate, 4 times higher than the average online trainings at Coursera. In qualitative terms, the MOOC reached a 4.8 out of 5 rating by the students who took it.

The MOOC on “Geopolitics and Governance” has been the first result of the collaboration between Homuork, ESADE and Coursera. It is only the first step in a shared experience towards bringing high-quality learning contents closer to a massive audience.