MOOC Women & Leadership

The first free MOOC produced by Homuork betted on using e-learning as a tool to fight against gender inequality and to foster social change.
MOOC Mujeres y Liderazgo

At Homuork we understand e-learning as a strategic tool to generate contents that are both useful for the training of our students and a trigger for social change. This is why in 2016 we betted on self-promoted courses that are designed, produced and launched by us. Within our own MOOC’s catalogue, diversity and equality have been a central topics.

Our MOOC on Women & Leadership was born with this purpose: to raise social awareness on situations of gender inequality that take place both in our day-to-day lives and in the workplace, and to provide the tools for feminine empowerment. There has been a lot of progress in this area in the past decades.  The issue, however, is far from being solved. Statistics on the presence of women in managerial positions, the salary gap between genders or the differentiated socialisation of children in their early years show that this problem still persists.

The objective of the MOOC was to contribute to social change and, for this purpose, we based it on two cornerstones: an enticing yet rigorous content and a diffusion strategy in order to reach the vastest number of users. To achieve this, we changed our strategy and we made the course accessible for any user for free. It was the first MOOC with these characteristics and on this subject in the Spanish-speaking market.

Contents based on experience

For the elaboration and the design of the pedagogical contents we counted on the assistance of the Gender Inequality Consultant, Mar Gaya, who had already collaborated in our MOOC on “Gender Equality within the Company”. The knowledge-transfer sessions with her yielded 10 video pills configured through a common graphic line.

Besides Gaya’s expertise, the course was enriched with the witnesses of other experts in the subject and professionals that brought a double vision on the process of empowerment and feminine leadership. On one side, the statistical and contextual analysis showing gender discrimination as a latent reality in our societies. On the other side, the first-hand experience of workers explaining the situations they have gone through, and how they tackled them. These 10 video pills and the complementary materials related to the subject made up the MOOC “Women & Leadership”.

Debating and participating

One of the success factors of this MOOC was the participation of the students. The course encouraged the debate with the aim of increasing its learning possibilities beyond the proposed contents. The idea led us to create a forum that rapidly became a space of trust for participants, who would not hesitate in sharing their experiences, confessing their fears and admitting their biases, as well as valuing each other’s strengths. In fact, the result of this interaction was so satisfactory, that we decided to bring the online experience to the real world. On the 6th of June of 2017, we invited all students and people interested to debate about the issue with our experts, in an event that gathered more than 130 people in the Moritz Factory of Barcelona.

The results of the first edition of the course “Women & Leadership” couldn’t have been better. Nearly 500 subscriptions, a completion ratio of 52%, a 5 star rating in the platform, more than 174 comments in the forum and 130 attendees in the final event. And, above all, the satisfaction of having contributed to social change by providing tools that might help many women in pushing aside their fears and stepping forward in their lives.


ODEE (Observatori Dona i Empresa)