Innovation and leadership for SMEs

The word innovate defines the ability to change or alter things by introducing new developments. This is precisely one of the challenges for SMEs. We relate innovation to large companies who have a greater capacity to invest. However, there is no vital link between cost and the drive for creative processes.

Creativity and leadership are the main drivers of innovation and to promote them you do not need to invest a large amount. In this course we will see strategies to drive creativity through leadership. During the different sessions you will learn how to create an innovative environment and discover the strategies that drive change in organisations. 

What will you learn in this MOOC?

Innovation in companies is a process driven by leadership. Creating a creative business culture comes from leading figures who set an example and who involve the rest of the working teams.

In this course you will learn how to drive leadership processes towards innovation, promoting the creation of disruptive groups capable of breaking pre-established schemes in order to move the organisation forward. 

Content you will find in the MOOC about innovation and leadership for SMEs

  • Recognising the different leadership models
  • Analysing the rhythms of change and niches of innovation
  • Applying different innovative techniques
  • 20 videolectures
  • Spanish (SUB Eng)
  • Professor tutorisation
  • Certificate on LinkedIn
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The Homuork Team
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  • Module 1. Day to day innovation
    • What is leadership?
    • What type of innovator am I?
    • Types of innovation
  • Module 2. Change and innovation
    • The rhythms of change
    • Niches of innovation and new behaviours
  • Module 3. Inclination and learning
    • Innovation is learned
    • Who innovates?
    • Disrupting the business model
  • Module 4. The sides of innovation
    • The sides of innovation
    • Final project
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