Quit smoking: strategy and tips

Did you ever try to quit smoking but failed? You are not the only one! One out of ten smokers has tried to quit at least 10 times. So what’s wrong? In most cases, a strategy. In this MOOC, we offer a guided, appealing and multimedia online experience for you to light your last cigarette, regardless of your motives.

We all have our reasons to quit smoking: some just do it for health, others to give a good example to their children, and others simply to improve their athletic performance. Reality, though, is that the odds are against us: less than 5% of people who try to quit smoking succeed. They try to quit at once, with nicotine patches, or even hypnosis… We can think of any method, but the truth is that quick solutions do not usually work. It’s about time we stop doing it wrong. 

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

In this online course, addressed to all those who have decided to quit smoking forever, you are going to learn how to face the challenge from a different perspective. We will talk to you about how to build a bullet-proof plan to get you ready for a smokeless life. And the best of it all is that you won’t be alone on this trip. You are going to quit smoking along with other people in your same situation that will support you throughout the course. Step by step, you’ll get closer to your last puff!

Contents to be found in the MOOC How to quit smoking:

  • Identification of all the situations that lead us to smoking

  • Personal motivations to quit smoking

  • Exercises and techniques to manage situations of abstinence

  • Reflecting on the changes that we experience thourghout the process

  • Upcoming course
  • Professor tutorisation
  • Mobile, tablet & PC
  • Certificate on LinkedIn
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Grace Chinn

Grace Chinn
Grace has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a Masters in Translation. In a previous life she worked as a teacher all over the world and she now works as a translator and scriptwriter here at... Extended bio

  • Module 1: Why are you going to quit smoking?
    • Will this course help me? Introduction
    • Why do I smoke? Mindful smoking exercise
    • Why do I want to quit smoking? Individual motivations
    • False myths
  • Module 2: Ok, I'm quitting
    • How does it work?
    • Start cutting down
    • Looking for alternatives
    • The big day
  • Module 3: I’m ex-smoker and I want to keep being one
    • Dealing with withdrawal symptoms
    • Breathing and meditation exercises
    • Dealing with your daily routine and social habits
    • How our loved ones should help us
    • Not falling off the horse
  • Module 4: The final point: how has it been?
    • Then and now
    • Reflection
    • Conclusion
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