Social networking. What can I achieve through my work on social media?

Four aspects to take in account in your social media strategy

Socialnetworking qué resultados obtengo de mi trabajo en redes
01/02/2017 · The Homuork Team

When we speak about social networking and its results, intangible matters such as recognition, personal development or exposure come to mind… But how do we measure success in our personal social media actions? What fruits will we harvest? In this entry we propose 4 parameters for your social networking strategy, and the benefits you can obtain with time through your social media strategy. 

1.- Contacts or leads

Recognition and exposure are perceptions, intangible things, which are nonetheless inferable from certain metrics. The most important one is the total number of contacts (or “leads”) that we have generated through our activity as social networkers. Our social media interactions allow us to widen the span of our relations network, reaching influencing people who are better informed and have ideas that could represent a new opportunity for our business.

Enlarging your contact list through social media might get you closer to the next conference speaker for your company, a new collaborator or even a new client, so it is worth setting realistic trimestral goals for growth and establishing a strategy to achieve them. 

2.- Ideas for new projects

Working on social networking should make our information sources grow, but also being updated about the trends in our sector and even inspiring us to find new contents for our posts. After all, they are tools for training and growing, and recycling them can lead us to new ideas as possible engines for potential projects.

Analyse the origin of your latest innovations and projects. If any of them is inspired on the knowledge acquired on social media, you are on the right track. 

3.- Improve your working situation

Working on social media positioning can be done for corporate or personal profiles. For the latter, the obvious effect of a good social networking strategy can be an improvement in your personal working situation. It doesn’t have to be an objective in itself, given that achieving a promotion or a new job is not a circumstance that depends entirely on ourselves.

The objective in this case is a combination of the previous ones mentioned above: adding new contacts that may bring us closer to companies in which we would like to work, and knowledge that may turn into skills to be added in our curriculum.

We must not forget that companies end up completing the analysis of their candidates by visiting their social media profiles, so it is worth taking care of them. 

4.- Economic benefits

If we get a promotion or a new job, it will most likely imply an economic improvement, but this is not the only way to monetize your social media activity. If you manage to position yourself as an influencer in your field, you will draw the attention of brands that may want to use your image to promote their products, or editorials interested in your contents, or maybe even the media to count on your opinion as an expert.

If our social media actions are directed towards becoming brand ambassadors of our company, the individual benefits mentioned so far will end up having an effect on your organisation. Having a good online reputation says a lot (a good lot) about the brand you work for.

Your social networking strategy is a fundamental step and a cornerstone in the digitalisation process of your company, this is why measuring, detecting and fixing your mistakes is crucial in your way forward. 


The Homuork Team