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Professional management of social media is already a corporate must. During the time it takes you to read this post, over 300.000 new tweets, more than 2.5 million new contents on Facebook, 200.000 photos on Instagram and 72 hours of video on Youtube are going to be uploaded. Do you think you can stay aside of this revolution? This 5-week MOOC on Social Networking in the Company offers you a high-quality e-learning experience in which you will learn how to add social media networks to your usual promotion and marketing tools.

In this online training, designed in collaboration with the consultant Humannova, you will find the necessary key elements for your teams to learn how to navigate and make the most of social media while searching for new clients, improving their learning processes and reaching out to your target audiences.

What are you going to learn in this MOOC on Social Networking?

In the following weeks we are going to provide the tools to turn your workers into the best ambassadors of your brand, allowing them to develop their corporate personal brand as well as to improve their networking. Through its digital training, this online course on Social Networking in the Company is the next step in the digital transformation of your organisation.  

These are some of the contents you will find in this e-learning experience on Social Networking

  • Defining a short-term and long-term action strategy on social media

  • Creating a personal brand within a corporate environment

  • Identifying each type of social network and its characteristics and accordingly

  • Learning the keys to generate contents of interest

  • Establishing parameters to measure your social media performance

  • 21 videolectures
  • Spanish (ENG subs)
  • Professor tutorisation
  • Mobile, tablet & PC
  • Certificate on LinkedIn
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Alicia Pomares

Alicia Pomares
Alicia Pomares is a managing partner at Humannova, a consulting firm specialising in human resources and digital training. She combines her work in 2.0 HR management  with her... Extended bio

  • Module 1. Socialnetworking
    • Socialnetworking in a big company
    • Digital transformation: a bottom-up process
    • The process of digital integration
    • Defining short and log term objectives
  • Module 2. SWOT: personal audit in social networks
    • Personal audit
    • Competitive audit: social benchmark
    • Personal corporate brand
    • The importance of a strategy
  • Module 3. Social and information tools
    • Generalist social networks
    • Professional social networks
    • Sectorial social networks
    • Corporate social networks
    • The blog, a tool for fidelity
  • Module 4. Action plan: how to
    • First steps: action plan
    • What does my audience want to know?
    • Creating relevant content
    • How to behave on social networks
  • Module 5. Measure your success: results analysis
    • What are our KPI's?
    • How can we achieve these?
    • Measuring tools
    • Socialnetworker's ROI
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