Spoiler alert: this is the upcoming year at Homuork

The year is coming to an end but not before we tell you all about the new things that we are planning: new MOOCs, second editions of the most successful courses, and a new website!

Novedades en Homuork

At Homuork, we have got our bags ready. We draw the year to a close on a positive note thanks to successful projects, such as the MOOC ‘Mujeres y Liderazgo’ [‘Women and Leadership’] the Mindfulness online course for the Junta de Andalucía or the programme ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ for the HEC Paris university in partnership with Coursera. But we are not going to close the office doors without telling you about some of the new things that we are planning for the 2017-2018 season. A year that will bring changes, new challenges, and innovative projects.

New online courses

There is no doubt about it - this year’s big success was the launch of the MOOC ‘Mujeres y Liderazgo’ [‘Women and Leadership’]. A Homuork project in partnership with Mercer and the Observatori Dona, Economía y Empresa of the Barcelona Cambra de Comerç, we brought to an end with more than 500 students and an in-person closing ceremony that brought hundreds of people together. An entire community open to learning about and debating gender equality and the social and occupational challenges that women face.

The warm welcome of the MOOC confirmed to us that this was a strategic bet that has paid off, not only because of the content but also because of the project's characteristics: the first free course, massive, and in Spanish regarding leadership and female empowerment.

And we do not want this to be a passing experience. We believe in the importance of spreading the message of courses like ‘Women and Leadership’ and in e-ducation as a key tool for social transformation. For this reason, we have gathered together all of your contributions and suggestions to prepare a second edition to be launched in Autumn, with renewed content, new dynamics, and even more participative debates.

In terms of new courses, we will keep working on our three strategic lines: social transformation, wellbeing, and job training. The first new course will be the MOOC ‘How to manage millennials’, a programme designed to detect, attract, and retain the talent of a generation that is beginning to represent a majority in the workplace. The course will provide strategies to understand this new profile of workers with aims, methods, and ambitions that are very different to those of previous generations.

Something else new for the new term will be the launch of the course ‘Diversity and inclusion in the workplace’, which will give strategies to create non-discriminatory workplaces and enrich organisation by means of cultural, gender, and intergenerational diversity...

And these will not be the only surprises when the holidays come to an end. In the next few months we will improve our eating habits with the MOOC ‘Mindful eating’, we will work to improve employees’ skills with programmes such as ‘Leadership and emotional management’ and ‘Managing stress', we will learn to create speech around our projects with the course ‘Storytelling to be influential’  and we will build more sustainable environments with ‘Smart grids for Smart cities’, a project designed in partnership with Innoenergy and which we will launch on the Futurelearn platform.

And we are moving house

You can see all of these changes on our new website. Because: we're moving house! Very soon you will be able to visit us at www.homuork.com. A more visual, intuitive, and manageable portal where you can find all of our online courses, see the projects that we have worked on, and get to know us better.

So, let’s close up those bags and start the holidays! We have a few weeks rest, but we will come back in September with the ambition to continue innovating and growing by your side to remain a benchmark in e-learning and in the social and digital transformation of organisations.

See you next term!

Alexandra Maratchi

Alexandra Maratchi