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This independent observatory turned to Homuork to produce an online course to train its community of more than 1,000 HR professionals.
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In 2015, the Harvard Business Review carried a shocking and controversial headline on its cover: “Is it time to blow up HR and build something new?” Born in the 20th century, human resources departments have been dealing with increasingly complex work environments, particularly over the past few decades.

The accelerating pace of markets, technology and society in general requires HR professionals to constantly update their knowledge. Future for Work Institute (FFWI) was founded in 2016 by Jordi Serrano and Santiago García, two former HR executives, with the purpose of helping companies systematically explore the changes taking place in the labour market, and people management in particular.  

Through an annual subscription model and acting as an independent observatory, FFWI designs activities and content for a community of more than a thousand people. Member companies benefit from trend studies, product analyses, update meetings, benchmarking, as well as various individualized services: tailor-made studies, personal consulting and seminars.

The challenge: high-quality digital training for the FFWI community

As a part of this pedagogic mission, the Future for Work Institute decided to go a step further and produce a fully online course for their community. The objective of this training program was to help professionals develop a systemic vision of how different technological, economic and social changes are transforming the world of Human Resources.

“In the current context of complexity, there are no magic recipes, no best practices to embrace. Each organization must find its own way because the solution that works for one company does not necessarily work for another,” said founding partner Santiago García on the need for this project.

Homuork was the company chosen to produce this digital training, turning FFWI’s knowledge and expertise into the online course: “The Future of HR.”

The result: the “The Future of HR” online course

Homuork’s team developed the 10-session online course “The Future of HR” in close collaboration with FFWI professionals. Each of the sessions includes a video filmed and edited by our company, written articles and a wide range of additional resources for the most knowledge-thirsty learners.

These are some of the topics that are covered in the course:

  • How are factors affecting company competitiveness changing?
  • How can we make decisions differently, design lighter and more open structures and promote organizational cultures that enhance adaptability?
  • Which people management changes are being introduced by the most advanced companies?
  • What transformations are taking place in the labour market?
  • What skills are companies searching for when hiring their leaders and collaborators?

The goal of the course is to provide HR professionals with the necessary elements to develop a personal plan of action for handling present and future challenges within the sector. Learners must take two evaluation tests to complete the course.

The numbers: more than 200 HR professionals have been trained

Three editions of “The Future of HR” have been launched to date, attracting more than 200 enrolled learners, including executives from a wide variety of industries: automotive, banking, retail and insurance.

This is how the Future for Work Institute, along with Homuork, is fulfilling its goal of redefining and adapting people management to the times we live in and to the challenges that will undoubtedly arise in the coming years.


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