Twitter Audience Platform - Case Study

The tutorial videos launched by both Twitter and Homuork, have become a strategic tool to improve the efficiency of the company’s commercial action plan.

Selling advertising space is a fundamental element of Twitter´s business strategy. Thousands of companies contact the social network every day to promote their advertising campaigns, and to have the opportunity to reach Twitter´s 320 million users.

Twitter Ads is intuitive and easy-to-use, offering multiple possibilities when designing campaigns. However, the social network´s own sales representatives have been in charge of its learning process. This was a problematic situation, since it meant reducing sales time to instead devote to training customers.

The Twitter Audience Platform project, developed together by the social network and Homuork, has aimed to solve this problem through the creation of tutorial videos explaining, step by step, how the Twitter Ad platform operates. 

A collaborative process

Once its concept had been defined, the Twitter and Homuork teams started the production process, using a methodology based on collaboration and integrated project management. While the internal marketing department prepared the scripts, at Homuork we took care of the conceptualization and creation of the storyboards, which would serve as the basis for the recording of the clips; as well as the educational graphic elements. A fluid work system was achieved, as we managed to reduce the thousands of kilometers separating us from the teams in Dublin, London, New York and San Francisco.

The result was over 40 videos explaining step by step how to get the most out of the Twitter Ad platform. These were videos that Twitter´s sales reps could simply send to their clients, thereby freeing themselves of the time they had previously “disinvested”. In addition, and most importantly, they offered the advertisers more autonomy and a better service. 

pack responsive twitter

A long-awaited and welcome tool

The launch of the tutorials was an important change for both Twitter sales agents and their advertisers. On the one hand, their clients had a user-friendly tool to finally make use of all the Twitter Ads options available and, on the other; Twitter´s employees freed themselves of certain tasks which did not technically correspond to their roles as sales reps. This time has since then been dedicated to generating more sales.

Although the project was initially limited to Europe, the tutorials were so well received that they have expanded into eight languages (ES, FR, IT, DE, NL, CH, JPN, AR) to reach advertisers all over the world. In the words of Talin Terzakyan, Twitter’s Global Business Marketing Manager:  “Homuork is at the forefront of online learning innovation and, with this program, offered us a creative and flexible solution adapted to our needs.”