What is eLearning, and why should it be fostered in your company?

You’ve heard about it many times. It may even be a word you often use yourself. But, do you really know what it is and what differentiates it from other types of learning?


If you work in sectors such as H&R or Training, it is very likely that you’ve heard people talking about eLearning. Even though this concept started taking shape during the 70’s with the creation of the e-mail and the newsgroups, it became popular along with the development of the Internet since 1994.

During these years, and thanks to the MOOC’s success, eLearning has found its way to corners that seemed reserved to more traditional methods. Its latest conquest: becoming the ideal training methodology for workers. So, to the point:



What is eLearning?

eLearning – also known as Online Education, is any learning process taking place in the digital world by means of the Internet. In this type of education, the interaction between the teachers and the students is fundamental. Other terms you will see it referred with are: online training and virtual teaching.

Even though it is sometimes used as a synonym of Distance Education, there is a clear difference between the two modalities. The latter could consist of a DVD course or a series of books one must read at home before passing an exam. However, in eLearning, the fundamental element is the capacity to interact and communicate with the other.

Alongside with the importance of the contact - even in real time if the course is live streamed, there is the possibility for the students to work in different online activities and answer to an evaluation test. All of this is possible thanks to the Internet and to the most widely known learning management systems, also known as LMS (Learning Management System). 


Are MOOC's the same as eLearning?

Now that you know what eLearning is and what differentiates it from other learning modalities, it’s time we put an end to another usual confusion, which consists in taking the MOOC concept for an eLearning synonym.

Massive Open Online Courses are a concrete type of eLearning that consists in giving access to learning contents to hundreds or even thousands of students. Their explosion started in 2012, to the point that the New York Times even defined that year as “the year of MOOC’s”. Ever since, they have been consolidated as a learning format on which millions of students rely every year.

As we will see, it’s not that MOOC’s are different from the e-learning concept, but rather that they are just a part of it. So, all MOOC’s are eLearning, but eLearning does not only consist of MOOC’s.


7 advantages of using eLearning in your company

We’ve seen how eLearning has become an excellent alternative to traditional training. Technology just makes things easier and education couldn’t be left out. Now, if there is a field in which eLearning is yielding amazing results is in professional training.

Let’s see why now is the perfect moment for your company to invest in eLearning:

1. Reduce Costs

According to the website “eLearning Industry”, eLearning reduces up to 50% the costs of face2face training programs. Besides this great figure we should take into account the additional costs of traditional training, which may remain hidden: the time invested setting up the sessions, the course materials and the necessary spaces or the trips and the subsequent transport costs.

2. Quick access, development and content update

If you’re responsible for the training in your company or you work at the Human Resources Department, you may have faced the challenge of having to train a team on a specific subject as quickly as possible.

Thanks to eLearning and to companies like Homuork, you can now develop specific materials or buy pre-made courses on the subjects you need. Your workers will be taking their training a lot sooner than you can imagine! Oh, and if the contents get old you’ll be entitled to request for an update as soon as you need it.

3. Content access at all times

According to SGS, 70% of workers resorts to services like Google as source of information for their daily endeavors. Wouldn’t it be better for them to have permanent access to the knowledge they need? With an eLearning platform like Homuork’s, they will have all the information at hand as soon as the doubt arises. No more interferences or time wasted in unfruitful searches.

4. Improve memory retention

The traditional learning pyramid tells us that we only retain 10% of what we read and 20% of what we hear. That’s not a lot, especially when it regards important subjects for your industry. eLearning opens a wide range of interactive possibilities that will greatly increase the memory retention of your employees. Take advantage!

5. Give workers the possibility of learning at their own pace

- How about Tuesday the 21st?

- Impossible. We are at a congress in Berlin.

- Ok. How about next week. Thursday?

- We can’t either… we’re starting the summer campaign.

If you’ve tried to fit in a schedule for in-person training sessions, you probably found yourself in conversations or email chains like this one. The good news is that with eLearning, employees can learn when and where they want to, and always at their own pace.

6. Improve the productivity of the staff

This is one of the most obvious advantages, yet not less remarkable. The best-trained teams carry out their work more easily, and this is translated in a higher productivity. No matter the post they hold, or the department they belong to, training always improves their results.

7. Increase the loyalty of your staff

One of the reasons why, when starting in a new position, we experience a peak of motivation, is because we’re learning many things at once. This makes us feel that we’re growing and advancing in our careers. If you manage to keep your staff in that constant learning mood, you’ll have them motivated and willing to stay in the team.


Homuork - your ally for eLearning brilliance

We’ve already seen what eLearning and its advantages for your company are. Now it’s time to get on with the job. Where to start? At Homuork we make it really easy. If you need it, we can offer you strategic eLearning consultancy, tailored training experiences, our catalogue of courses and much more. Shall we give it a look?










The Homuork Team