What is Mindfulness and how can it help improve job performance?

This technique trains us to give our day to day our full attention, thereby reducing the feeling of stress

Qué es el Mindfulness y cómo influye su práctica en la mejora del rendimiento laboral
17/11/2016 · The Homuork Team

More than three decades have gone by since the University of Massachusetts professor, Jon Kabat-Zinn, introduced us to the concept of Mindfulness and, in this time, the technique has become an established stress reduction method, which has now spread to the business sector.  This practice has proved effective in reducing stress and, as a result, improving job performance. More and more companies are including courses like the one designed by Homuork together with esMindfulness in their well-being programmes.

In this entry, we'll explain what Mindfulness is in three steps and how it can help you improve your performance at work

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is understood as being fully aware of our actions or having a mindset of paying attention to everyday events in a special way, which involves accepting or being curious about what is going on.

The technique of Mindfulness is focussed on training three competencies: trying to be present before each action, being open to experience, and being kind enough to hold back judgements which affect how we experience each moment.  

Who is the practice of Mindfulness meant for?

Mindfulness is aimed at anyone who wants to have a healthier, less restless and more balanced mind. These days, the pace of life leaves us with no time for a breather and it's common to feel like you've done a lot, but without dedicating enough time or attention to the things that are really important: personal projects, children, partners, our friends or taking good care of ourselves etc.

Practising Mindfulness equips us with the tools we need to connect with what is really important for each of us and achieve mind-body balance, which we can easily lose due to stress. This technique enables us to be fully aware by training us to focus our attention through exercises, which on occasions borrow conscious movements from yoga and meditation.

What benefits can practising Mindfulness bring to the workplace?

Science has shown that Mindfulness is beneficial in three areas: personal wellbeing, efficiency and personal relationships. According to various studies, practising Mindfulness reduces symptoms related to stress by up to 41%, and is particularly effective in the case of anxiety (-59%), depression (-56%) [GC1] and hostility (-56%).

In the workplace, the improvement of these indicators is reflected in a greater sense of wellbeing, an increased ability to concentrate, a significant reduction in errors, and improved personal relationships. Mindfulness is at the heart of a virtuous circle in which people feel better, work better and relate better with the people around them, waving goodbye to the feeling of stress and suffering that tends to go hand in hand with work.  



The Homuork Team