What is remarketing and how does it work?

This strategy enables us to capture data that users give us so as to offer them the right product at the right time

Qué es el remarketing y cómo funciona
27/07/2016 · The Homuork Team

Imagine the following situation: you're in a shop and you’re about to buy a new t-shirt. You pick out one you like, but it turns out there are none left in your size. You leave the shop but moments later you notice that the sales assistant is following you out the door with the t-shirt in your size, ready for you in a bag. This, in a digital version, is remarketing.  

Remarketing operates with a double objective: attracting new buyers and establishing a relationship with the user to ensure their loyalty.   

Chances are you’ve noticed that once you’ve visited a website, the next thing you know, adverts for that website start popping up all over the place, even on other websites offering similar products. Do you think this is just a coincidence? Of course it isn’t! It’s the strategy used by operators such as Google, Criteo or Adroll, who manage cookies which allow them to track your activity and send you suitable adverts after you visit a website.  

In order to understand how remarketing works, all you need to do is keep this triangle in mind: it’s about offering the right product to the right user at the right time. 

One of the keys to successful remarketing is identifying the ideal user, and this task starts with Pretargeting. This is all about identifying the websites that people visit before getting to yours. If users regularly visit a website before landing on your page, identify the site and then advertise yourself on that page. Tools such as Similar Web or Google Analytics allow you to see where your traffic comes from.  

In the identification phase we can also find an answer to the big question: what is our ideal consumer like? Through Audience Targeting, it’s possible to find this out by providing information on their demographics, geography, network behaviour and interests.  

Another way of identifying our client is through Search Retargeting, which allows us to launch our adverts to the users who carry out searches using the keywords related to out products.  

Once we have pinpointed and engaged our new client, the key is winning their loyalty. Remember that if they have already bought from you, it's much more likely that they will be interested in your products again in the future. Use Retargeting tools such as newsletters, mailings and adverts to send them special offers and products related to their last purchase, and so on.  


The Homuork Team