Women and leadership

Defined by Christine Lagarde, empowerment is “the process of transformation by which each woman, whether through baby or gigantic steps, ceases from being an object of history, politics and culture, ceases from being an object to others and becomes the main role of her own life”. Throughout this MOOC for companies, we are going to look over the different situations in which women happen to be discredited and find it hard to feel valued and recognised, and we provide the tools for you to raise awareness about the right to have rights, as well as your training to achieve your goals.

Through an appealing and interactive e-learning experience, we are going to foster the participation of different women leading in several areas of interest, in order to exchange their visions and to learn from their experience. An online course on Women & Leadership is fundamental for this purpose. However, before asking ourselves about the use of a course like this, we need to clarify on which field we’d like to work, and what we wish to boost. Are you on board?

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

Throughout the 4 modules of this course we are going to analyse the presence of women in high executive positions, and we’ll give you the key elements to generate a space for reflection and for an empowerment towards a different and updated concept of leadership. We are going to discuss about where we come from, where we are, what we can aspire to, and what we need to transform both in the world and in our lives for you to become the new leader of tomorrow. 

Contents found in the MOOC on Women & Leadership:

  • Analysing the presence of women in high executive positions

  • Applying gender-inclusive strategies

  • Training on femenine leadership

  • Implementing femenine leadership

  • Upcoming course
  • Professor tutorisation
  • Mobile, tablet & PC
  • Certificate on LinkedIn
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Alexandra Maratchi

Alexandra Maratchi
Alexandra Maratchi (Co-founder & CEO) was born and raised in Barcelona, but as soon as she could she started traveling and working all around Europe in marketing and sales in many major... Extended bio

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Explanations for the low female representation in management positions
    • Analysis of the characteristics attributed to men and women at work
    • Assessment of the decision to assume a position of leadership
    • The cost of the masculinisation of leadership for women
  • Module 2: Leadership which strives to be
    • Gender-inclusive
    • Communicative
    • Aimed at defining and elaborating a goal for a learning process
    • Democratic and equal
    • Sensitive to the media
  • How can we spark change?
    • Leadership and the profile of the female boss: women's innate abilities
    • Promoting female networking: How can we empower each other?
    • Female leadership skills: the importance of creating an individual space
    • Work-family balace. The double agenda and time management
    • Strengthening women's management skills
    • Encouraging creativity through diversity of opinion
  • Conclusion and the future
    • Leadership and social impact
    • Generate our Plan of Action
    • Analysing and making decisions
    • Exchanging different ways of doing things: sharing responsabilities and results
    • How to put authentic Femenine Leadership into practice
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