Workplace Gender Equality - Banc Sabadell

Banc Sabadell trusts in the Homuork’s course to develop the formative side of its Plan for Gender Equality.

After the approval of the Plan for Gender Equality of Banc Sabadell, the financial institution was searching for a formative solution to change the roles and the gender stereotypes nesting in any organisation. The objective in that moment was double: on one side to raise awareness on the importance of an egalitarian environment among employees, and on the other side to modify certain discriminatory behavioural patterns.

The directing board of Human Resources resorted to the MOOC on Gender Equality as a tailored solution to train its more than 14.000 workers through a flexible, open and rigorous online course.

Adapted content

Unlike other projects, the development of this MOOC was based on the contents of the course “Gender Equality”, launched by Homuork as its own program, which had been designed and scripted under the guidance of the psychologist and technical expert on gender equality implementation, Mar Gaya.

However, the task didn’t consist in a simple transfer of contents to the Banc Sabadell’s platform. After several sessions with the entity, the design and the contents of the course were reformulated in order to fit with the corporate identity and the plans of the bank.  The final result was a bundle of 16 video pills in which we tackled issues such as bias, detection and correction of discriminatory situations, and we analysed exemplary equality plans.

A first experience praised by students

If statistics are the best proxy when analysing how a course went, we can say that the MOOC on “Gender Equality” was a total success among the students of Banc Sabadell. Starting from the completion rate, that reached 82%, a very high percentage for non-obligatory digitals training programs. Regarding the response of the students, the course reached a cum laude by obtaining a 5/5 star rating in all qualifications.

The MOOC on “Gender Equality” has been the first experience of Banc Sabadell in the application of e-learning to raise awareness among its employees on gender-related issues, as well as to broadcast its equality plan. A first step that, in the short run, should spread all over the entity’s staff.


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